Whispers of the Wind

oleh Jeyna Grace

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E-ISBN: 9789673698547

Tarikh Terbit: 22 May 2024

Imprint: Bookiut

Aithan is now the king of Zeruko. He, and his twin sister Myra, ascended the throne after their father had died. According to many, King Daemon—ruler of Tentazoa and archenemy of Zeruko—murdered the late king. Despite the claims, Robb refuses to believe in his father’s death.

With the desire to bring his father home, Aithan leaves Zeruko in the hands of Myra. Alongside his trusted friend Spion, Aithan travels to the realms of the universe through the magic of raindrops. From the hazardous trip behind enemy lines to the festive East Asian-esque Meihua; from the kingdom hovering above the clouds to the military-driven Bevattna; from the heterogeneous society of a tunnelled realm to Aithan’s duel with the heir of Tentazoa, every step in his journey uncovers a gem of his past, present, and future.

And in one foresight, Aithan learns the daunting fate of Zeruko that recharts his quest and redefines his role as king.

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