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Minda Muslim Super

Mind of a Super Muslim

oleh Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin

Tarikh Terbit: 14 Aug 2009

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History shows that Muslims are a ‘super community’. From zeros, they became heroes. Such is the condition of a group of people that was once considered a ‘burden to society’. Then, this super community successfully transformed the world. That era is surely remembered as one of the greatest periods of human history. Now, we must also remember that the emergence of the community that encapsulates world quality was made possible by certain individuals. Those individuals are we call Super Muslims.

Mind of a Super Muslim focuses on Islam as an enabler that creates an excellent community: a community that is capable of performing the seemingly impossible, a community that is the agent of changes, a community that is the seed of a great and respected civilization.

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Bab 4    Sistem Amal Yang Membawa Kepada Keunggulan            
Bab 5    Sistem Kepercayaan Menuju Keunggulan            
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Bab 11  Hari Kiamat Dan Pancaroba Akhir Zaman            
Bab 12  Epilog: Contoh Umat Super                        

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