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Princess Damia & the Magic Village


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Princess Damia, eight years old princess who found magical items that could speak. Only Damia can hear it. Her magical friend, a prayer mat tells Damia that she needs to remove the bookmarks from her grandfather’s books. With that, the prayer mat’s friends will be freed.

The adventures continued in the second book, when Damia’s magical friends become weak. Now, Damia has to solve the problem. Damia’s grandfather shows her a mirror that fixed to the door of a large closet. Damia wants to use the mirror to go to the nation of Ropes. But her grandfather forbids her from going. This is because if Damia fails to achieve her goal, she will be trapped in the mirror and could never return home. However, Damia is not easily deterred. She immediately goes into the magic mirror to save her

In the third book, Damia befriends Princess Sahara. Sahara is quite arrogant. She does not like being friend with Damia. Like Damia, Sahara possesses some magical stuff. However, she does not use it well. One day, a battle ensues in a magical village. The battle is between torch light and lamp. The dispute almost caused a fire in the village. In the dispute, Sahara and Damia are the mediators. However, Sahara encourages the two factions to quarrel with each other. She wants one party to win and the other to lose.

Title in this series:
* Princess Damia & Her Magical Friends
* Princess Damia & the Magic Mirror
* Princess Damia & the Magic Village

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