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Young Aisyah: Bully


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Aisyah Sofia baru memulakan persekolahan di sekolah barunya. Baru beberapa hari bersekolah, Aisyah Sofia dibuli oleh “Si Pembuli”. Mengapa Aisyah Sofia dibuli? Siapa pembuli itu? Adakah dia seorang, dua orang atau mereka berkumpulan? Dapatkan Aisyah Sofia menangani masalah buli di sekolahnya dan apakan cerita di sebalik kes buli itu?

After a week of staying in their new home, Aisyah Sofia had not met anyone. This is because her new house was a great distance from other houses. She was worried because she has no friends. Her heart was healed when she found a kitten which she named Nini.

One day, a girl called Amirah came over to give some cakes to her family. Amirah was her mother’s niece. Both girls became fast friends. During one of their walks, Aisyah Sofia condemned two boys who were busy catapulting birds.

Ali and Abu were so mad at Aisyah for snatching their catapults. They eventually knew that they were in the same class. Ali and Abu wanted to avenge Aisyah Sofia for what she did to them.

Can Aisyah Sofia solve the bully problems in her school? Did she avenge Ali and Abu for trying to bully her? Why did she volunteer to assist Ali and Abu in their studies?

Eventually, Aisyah Sofia, Amirah, Ali and Abu became best friends and they formed a group which they called Aa-Syik Gang.

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