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Young Aisyah: Moving House


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Memulakan kehidupan baru di kampung suatu cabaran bagi Aisyah. Adakah dia bersedia untuk berpindah? Bagaimana dengan Nini, Nazirah dan kawan-kawan lain di sekolahnya.

Aisyah Sofia binti Jamil, was a ten year old girl who was born in a big city. One day, her father, Mr Jamil got back home with a good news. He was promoted in his job and needed to be transferred to work at a new place.

Aisyah Sofia who heard the conversation between her parents about the news became very sad and she did not agree with the fact that her family should move to another state, South of Peninsular Malaysia. Aisyah Sofia was worried that she had to leave her best friend, Nazirah and her friends at school if they were to transfer to a foreign place.

She would also have to leave behind her beloved cat, Nini. Would she be willing to leave all that she love? A few days before moving, Aisyah Sofia was suddenly nowhere to be found. Her mom and her grandmother Saloma were very worried. Did Aisyah run away from home?

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