Bane of Widuri

oleh Nadiah Zakaria

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ISBN: 978-967-369-740-3

Muka Surat: 128

Saiz: 5x7.5

Tarikh Terbit: 18 Aug 2023

Kategori: Fiction

Imprint: Bookiut

Melur’s world has always been limited to the gates of Widuri, an 18th century manor in Kedah that houses seven orphaned girls. Each named after a flower, the girls are promised freedom on the night they turn 16 in the form of foster parents.

A garden full of the same seven flowers they are named after sits solemnly behind the manor, but their headmistress, Madam Dahlia, forbids them from entering. On the night before her eldest sister’s 16th birthday, Melur decides to break the rules and steal a flower from the forbidden garden as a present.

Her single action tips her world as she knows it like dominoes, bringing the darkest secrets of Widuri to light one by one.

What happens when the flowers are not what they appear to be? What if there were more like them, and no foster parents are coming to the rescue?

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