The False Facade

oleh Farhah Dhamirah

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ISBN: 978-967-369-794-6

Muka Surat: 120

Saiz: 5x7.5

Tarikh Terbit: 22 Apr 2024

Kategori: Fiction

Imprint: Bookiut

Asha Qistina is an influencer and social media personality known for her curated aesthetic of beauty and books. With over a million followers, Asha has become a guiding light for many young girls, steering them towards her lifestyle.

However, Asha’s online personality differs from the Asha in real life. What her followers don’t know is that she puts on a filter for every livestream and doesn’t even provide honest reviews of her skincare products.

When the line between the digital realm and real life blurs, Asha’s own face starts transforming into the very filters she uses on Glimmergram. She finds herself caught in a battle with the supernatural. Doll-face filters and face distortion filters materialise onto her face, and she has no idea how to save herself.

Will Asha get her face back, or will social media filters be etched onto her face for eternity?

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