Revenge in Violent Hues

oleh Nadiah Zakaria

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E-ISBN: 9789673698561

Tarikh Terbit: 21 May 2024

Imprint: Bookiut

The Headmaster has been killed.

Welcome to Citra Buana, an academy built to weaponise the dead. Hidden within the enchanted forests of Gemerlapan, a Reflection inside the Mirror of 1990s Alor Setar, the enemy is quick to claim the throne like moths to a flame.

Amalia Maganti can communicate with ghosts ever since the mysterious death of her father six years ago. On the night of her 18th birthday, she discovers that her father’s paintings are portals to the hidden realm—a direct entry to the different parts of Gemerlapan, right beneath her abusive mother’s nose.

Armed with the dead, a secretive mentor, a weretiger, and the voice of an unknown creature buried deep inside her mind, will Amalia succeed in finding the truth behind her father’s death?

Will she learn to control the shadows and summon her true power against those who have wronged her, once and for all?

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