Animal Shape Book - Lion

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ISBN: 978-967-0454-25-2

Muka Surat: 24

Saiz: 11x8

Tarikh Terbit: 1 Aug 2014

Imprint: PTS Edar

The present series ANIMAL’S ACTIVITY SHAPE BOOK contains facts and activities of playful cartoon-style animal. Each book in this series contains story, colouring & activities for preschoolers to early elementary education.

A story about a lion that claimed himself as a king in the forest. He always bullied all the animals in the forest. One day all the animals wants to confront the lion and tell him what they think about him. But the lion still believe that all the animals must bow to him. But, among the animals was a clever wolf. He came to the meeting wearing a lion’s skin and make all the animals confused. The real lion and the fake lion fought but the real lion fell into a well and dead. All the animals are happy.

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