Embracing the True You

oleh Sharifah Nadirah

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ISBN: 978-967-369-694-9

Muka Surat: 192

Saiz: 5.8x8.3

Tarikh Terbit: 13 Apr 2023


Imprint: PutehPress

More often than not, the environment that we live in throws us into a pit of toxicity. We face this almost everyday – at work, at home, at gatherings and everywhere. Negativity comes in a lot of ways – from people, perceptions, judgments, and nasty words. Without us realising it, we have allowed these negativities to dictate our life. We have let people and their perceptions to govern our happiness.

This is when we need to ask ourselves the most important questions.

Until when?

How long must we let people and their negativity drown us in the vast sea of misery?

It is now the time.

Embrace your true self.

You do you.

This book shares essential tips on how to carve your own happiness, building a content and fulfilling life while dealing with and ignoring negative judgments from all around you; be it from the people or the environment that you live in. Embracing The True You brings 10 ways on how to work on your own happiness while incorporating the elements of psychology, accompanied with Islamic perspective and teachings.

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