Generation of Witches

oleh Hazy Nukil

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ISBN: 978-967-369-775-5

Muka Surat: 128

Saiz: 5x7.5

Tarikh Terbit: 15 Feb 2024

Kategori: Fiction

Imprint: Bookiut

In the modern world, Embun, who is desperate to learn magic, finds a witch named Kebayan to take on the role of an apprentice. But the witch is uninterested in taking her as a student, saying that it is too late for her to be a witch.

Meanwhile, Kebayan’s nephew, Sih, grew up with technology around him and dislikes magic. He rejects Kebayan’s attempts to pass down their family tradition of exploring the peculiar forest filled with mystical beings.

In all of this, a mysterious figure lurks in the forest, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Will the two generations of witches emerge together for the greater good? Or is the gap between them too far apart?

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