Gratitude: Making Sense of Life

oleh Ummu Ahmadain

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ISBN: 978-967-369-706-9

Muka Surat: 184

Saiz: 5.8x8.3

Tarikh Terbit: 29 May 2023

Kategori: Bantu Diri

Imprint: PutehPress

‘I discovered that with gratitude, comes abundance which further increased my gratefulness to Allah.’

Life is a myriad of blessings and abundance that comes from the One and Only God, Allah. We might often overlook these blessings due to distractions. We compare ourselves to others, we question the trials and tribulations that we face – the ‘why me?’ question. We even question Allah’s decree to us.

We forget to be grateful to Him yet He constantly showers us with His Immense Mercy.

Coupled with thematic artworks of the day and night event, this book captures the author’s personal reflection on honing the act of gratitude as a way of life. Each metaphorical chapter serves as a reminder that from Allah we come, and to Him we return; in every situation, whether the best or the worst.

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