Tunas Super: The Miracle Space

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ISBN: 978-967-481-000-9

Muka Surat: 104

Saiz: 4.5x7.25

Tarikh Terbit: 2 May 2017

Sam and Michael are twins who love space very much. One night, when they were gazing at the stars, they saw a bright light coming towards them. The blue light ended in the nearest football field in their neighbourhood. Sam was anxious to know whether it was actually the blue light that they saw flying in the sky.

To their amazement, they found that a space shuttle had landed on the field. It was shaped like an UFO. When a door opened, they saw a fairy inside the space shuttle. The fairy fulfilled their wishes to explore the solar system. When they were in the solar system, the fairy tricked them. The fairy was actually a devil, named Draficent. He wanted to punish both of them because of their fault in the past.

Suddenly, another alien appeared in front of the boys. What would their fate be in space? Could they come back to the real world safely?

Chapter 1: The Bullies

Chapter 2: UFO?

Chapter 3: Welcome to Mercury

Chapter 4: Foggy Venus

Chapter 5: Adida’s Home

Chapter 6: Gasyy Jupiter

Chapter 7: Sweet and Tasty Saturn

Chapter 8: Icy Uranus

Chapter 9: Antartica Neptune

Chapter 10: God of The Sea

Chapter 11: Going Home

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