The Unlikley Salesman

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ISBN: 978-967-2026-00-6

Muka Surat: 180

Saiz: 4.5x7.25

Tarikh Terbit: 1 Jul 2016

Kategori: Biografi

Imprint: PTS Akademia

The Unlikely Salesman and Other Stories is a sequel to the first book A Year’s Articles of Mat Baim by Mat Baim. It contains 15 anecdotes: At the AMU, Of Favouritism and Corruption, Developing Beaches the MIB Way, Tales from Amman, The Unlikely Salesman, In Search of Knowledge, My Nation, My Nation, Poklen, A Blessing and an Illusion, The Snow of Ash-Shawbak, Tales of a Credit Card and Two-Blocked Phones Calls, Tales by the River, The Twenty Cents Rip-off, What’s Your Number? And Oh! What a Week that Was? Mat Baim is an articulate writer. Above all he can be funny, witty and perceptive. He captured an ordinary event in our daily life and turned into a point to ponder and wonder. 


1.At the AMU 

2.Of Favouritism and Corruption 

3.Developing Beaches the MIB Way 

4.Tales from Amman 

5.The Unlikely Salesman 

6.In Search of Knowledge 

7.My Nation, My Nation 


9.A Blessing and an Illusion 

10.The Snow of Ash-Shawbak 

11.Tales of a Credit Card and TwoBlocked Phones Calls 

12.Tales by the River 

13.The Twenty Cents Rip-Off 

14.What’s Your Number? 

15.Oh, What a Week That Was 

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