The Wingless Prince

oleh Marisa Fendi

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ISBN: 978-967-369-744-1

Muka Surat: 128

Saiz: 5x7.5

Tarikh Terbit: 29 Sep 2023

Kategori: Fiction

Imprint: Bookiut

Cakrawala is the heir to the throne of Bayu, a kingdom inhabited by the forgotten winged folk. But all that changes overnight when his cousin betrays him for the crown.

During a daring battle, Cakrawala falls into a river and emerges in Kampung Rawi—cold, alone, and wingless, where he meets Orked, a brave human girl living in the tiny village. Eager to help, she offers him her assistance in getting him home.

But someone around him doesn’t intend to let him leave. The question is, who would be willing enough to make sure he fails to return? What would become of his kingdom?

And more importantly, what is a prince of Bayu without his wings?

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