70 Simple & Practical Hadiths

70 HADIS: Mudah Hafal Mudah Amal

ISBN: 978-967-366-114-5

Publisher: PTS Islamika Sdn Bhd

Published Date: 5 Mar 2012

Total Pages: 168

Book Size: 7 inch x 10 inch

Categories: Children Illustrated Book

Series: Rights available worldwide

Book Description

A collection of 70 simple hadiths, short and easy to practice. Filled with attractive illustrations and simple methods to spell, pronounce and memorise hadiths. Consists of 9 interesting themes which touches on the aspects of solat, behavior, education, love, iman and taqwa, good moral values, donations, prohibitions and all that are true. Each theme will explain the hadiths with colourful illustrations. Educate a child with the sunnah, the community will be educated, the ummah will be protected.